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Gillette Shaving Razor 1 Up Skinguard Sensitive

Gillette Shaving Razor 1 Up Skinguard Sensitive offers the softest shave for sensitive skin with its special blades and lubricant tape.

Gillette ASTRA Platinium Double Edge Blade 100 Pack

The Astra Platinium Shaving Razor, which is made of stainless steel and can take even the shortest hairs in one go, is for men who want a flawless and fly record shave.

Gillette Blue 2 Plus Razor 5 Pack (OUTLET)

Gillette Blue2 Plus Razor Blade removes even the shortest hairs in one go with its chrome-plated double blades and an easy to grasp handle.

Gillette Blue 2 Razor 10 Pack

Easy and safe shaving with Gillette Blue2 Razor with a special handle that does not slip from the hand, a lubricating tape that does not irritate the face and chrome-plated blades.

Gillette Blue 2 Razor 5 Pack

Get the Gilette Blue2 Razor at the best price from Fmcgstore and enjoy a comfortable and easy shave.

Gillette Blue 2 Razor 5 Pack (OUTLET)

Gillette Blue2 Normal Razor offers an easy and pleasant shave with its ergonomic and non-slip handle, sharp and thin blades, and lubricating bands.

Gillette Blue 3 3+1 Blister

Gillette Blue3 razor has a moisturizing band on sensitive skin, offering a soft shave without irritating your face.

Gillette BLUE 3 COOL 6+2 BLISTER

Gillette Blue3 Cool leaves your skin feeling refreshing and soothing thanks to its comfortfresh bands.

Gillette Blue 3 Cool Comfortfresh Razor 6 Pack

Gillette Blue3 Cool Comfortfresh Razor, which protects the skin with its special lubricant tapes, provides a refreshing shaving experience.

The most affordable Gillette razor blades are in ToptanTR Gillette's history, which has been under the P&G umbrella since 2005, dates back to 1895. Gillette, who developed the first commercial disposable razor in history, is one of the biggest shaver and razor brands. In addition to the first razor blade, the features of all brands such as stainless steel blade razor, double blade razor, lubricating band razor, movable head razor were seen on Gillette razors for the first time.

Gillette razors and Gillette replacement razor blades that are compatible with these machines include a large number of models specialized for different face and beard types. Those who want disposable and cheaper razor blades can choose disposable razor blades such as Gillette Permatik, Blue2, Blue3. You can buy disposable razors at the most affordable prices from ToptanTR.

Gillette Sensor Razor has high sensitivity springs and shaves by adapting to the shape of the face and preventing cuts. It is one of the classic models. Gillette Mach3 and higher models are in the razor class and are available with and without battery. They can be used with replacement razor blades in their own classes that differ according to face type.

+Gillette Fusion razors provide a closer shave than Mach3 models with 5 blades. Gillette Fusion Proshield razors and spare blades can move in all directions with its special Flexball technology, while Gillette Fusion Proshield razors do not cause irritation even on the most sensitive flanks thanks to their extra lubricating bands. You can buy Gillette Fusion Shaving blades suitable for your face from ToptanTR at the best prices. Gillette, which also produces women's razor blades, keeps them under the Venus brand. Gillette Venus razor blades provide long-lasting smooth skin without pain and effort. You can always find the cheapest Gillette prices in wholesale and retail at ToptanTR.

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