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Men's Disposable Razors

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Dorco Pace4 Razor 3-Blister X 72-Pack

Dorco Pace4 Razor has a special head structure that is easy to clean and does not clog even in dirty and long beard shaving thanks to the open-blade channels.

Dorco Pace6 Razor 3 Blister X 72 Pack

Using the world's first ultra-thin and sharp 6-blade technology, Dorco Pace6 Razor offers an easy and pleasant shave with its moisturizing band, non-clogging open cartridge structure, and ergonomic handle.

Dorco Perfect Pro Razor 5-Pack X 288-Pack

The sharp and durable Dorco Perfect Pro Razor, reinforced with chrome and polymer coatings, helps precise shaving by spreading excess foam thanks to the foam scraper behind the head.

Gillette Blue 2 Plus Razor 5 Pack (OUTLET)

Gillette Blue2 Plus Razor Blade removes even the shortest hairs in one go with its chrome-plated double blades and an easy to grasp handle.

Gillette Blue 2 Razor 10 Pack

Easy and safe shaving with Gillette Blue2 Razor with a special handle that does not slip from the hand, a lubricating tape that does not irritate the face and chrome-plated blades.

Gillette Blue 2 Razor 5 Pack

Get the Gilette Blue2 Razor at the best price from Fmcgstore and enjoy a comfortable and easy shave.

Gillette Blue 3 3+1 Blister

Gillette Blue3 razor has a moisturizing band on sensitive skin, offering a soft shave without irritating your face.

Try easy and perfect shaving with Gillette and Permatik disposable razors, buy the best razors at the most affordable price from ToptanTR.

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