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Powder Sweets, Puddings

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Kent Boringer Puding Kakaolu 154 gr

Kent Boringer Kakaolu Puding ile eşsiz bir lezzet.

Kenton Gummy Pudding 150 g X 2 Pack X 12 Box

Reach your favorite traditional flavor in a few minutes with Kenton Gummy Pudding.

Kenton Pudding 120 g X 2 Pack X 12 Box Cacao

Kenton Pudding, which is prepared in just 3 minutes with 750 ml of milk, has a saturated taste and consistency with its intense cocoa content.

Kenton Pudding 120 g X 24 Pieces PAck Chocolate Love Cocoa

Yoğun kakao içeriğiyle doygun bir lezzete ve kıvama sahip Kenton Puding 600 ml süt ile sadece 3 dakikada hazırlanır.

With multiple flavor options, kenton puddings offer you a delicious dessert experience that you can prepare very easily.